Couples Counseling

BT Professional Care Counseling Services also offers couples counseling for heterosexual and/or same sex couples whether just beginning your life together to gain tools to keep communication clear or for long-term relationships struggling to maintain. All relationships encounter bumps and the only tools we have are the ones we receive from our parents…so this is a good way to come in together, take a look at your tools, what is working and not working, and enhance or improve your relationship. Our client is your relationship and both of you have to be on board of wanting to improve in order to access our counseling services.

Most insurance companies do not cover couples or marriage counseling, except EAP (Employment Assistant Programs). We do not accept EAP for couples counseling. Insurance will cover family counseling when it revolves around an individual’s mental health diagnosis. For example, if a person has Major Depressive Disorder and needs a family session to involve family members in the process of dealing with the depressions, a family session is held whether it be a partner/spouse only or the entire family including children. So, typically, you will incur out of pocket costs for couples counseling as it’s not billable through insurance.

In our experience, sometimes new clients balk at the cost of couples/marriage counseling. It basically comes down to what you value. A lot of couples will go out to dinner with cocktails and spend over $100-$150. That dinner is gone the next day. The tools you get from couples counseling lasts a lifetime, so you get to keep what you pay for.

Our goal is to help you retain and maintain the relationship that you’ve invested time, money and emotion into. We offer 55 minute or 85 minute sessions and new clients are required to attend at least once per week for the first 4 weeks to build rapport and get some good work done. If you’ve been in your relationship a while, and having issues for a while, it’s not a reasonable expectation that a few sessions will set you free from the song and dance you’ve established with each other. Be realistic with your expectations of therapy… you spent years establishing a behavior pattern that is not working and it will take time (hopefully not years!) to establish healthier behavior patterns.

The therapy session is kept balanced by keeping each person accountable for what they are contributing to the issue(s) in the relationship. And if you are on the cusp of divorce…leaving and not working on what you contributed to the demise of the relationship means you’ll repeat that behavior in the next one. If couples work is not an option…individual is a must to recover from the loss of a relationship and figure out how to be healthier in relationships going forward.
Feel free to contact us regarding current rates and available session times